I am an abstract artist and make expressive, vibrant paintings that explore different emotional and energetic states; how they interact, clash and co-exist. I tend to create on large scale, working colour, dynamic lines and varied materials including thick creamy paints, ink stains and chalk etches to elicit certain emotional responses. Some works will infuse a space with calm serenity, whilst others may uplift, animate or even confront the viewer.

I begin my process using my present emotional state and use layers of colourful washes, expressive marks and thick impasto forms to build up a unique expression on the canvas. By working in multiple layers, there are lots of aspects for the viewer to uncover and the experience may change every time the piece is revisited. Ultimately my work is about exploring and celebrating human emotion in all its varied and conflicting forms. I´d love for you to explore my site - take a look around, get inspired and buy something your home will love.